The Konzertchor Darmstadt Foundation

The Foundation was established in the summer of 2007 following a substantial financial contribution from an anonymous donor. This donor has long been an aficionado of choirs and choral music, with particular connection to the Konzertchor Darmstadt and Wolfgang Seeliger, its founder and director. By establishing this foundation, he hoped to support Seeliger’s artistic work with one of the most famous choirs in Germany. He particularly wished that the foundation’s income be used to cover the choir’s ongoing organisational costs and to cover financial risks. With this objective, the foundation’s income should only serve as underpin the urgently needed public and private donations to the Konzertchor.

The founder of the Darmstadt Konzertchor Foundation also hoped that his initial donation would encourage other music lovers to support this exceptionally versatile ensemble to continue its successful activities in the future by means of further endowment donations.

The foundation is led by a four-member Management Board who, alongside the Konzertchor Director, have personally long been closely associated with the Konzertchor.

In addition, the Management Board and the Board of Trustees consider it their task to attract further donors in the spirit of the founder, with the aim of significantly increasing the Foundation’s income. Only then will it be possible to create the necessary organisation for the work of the Konzertchor in the long term. The amounts currently donated to the choir by means of grants and funds from the Foundation are not yet sufficient for this purpose.

In accordance with the rules of the foundation, the proceeds are used for the ongoing work of the Konzertchor, the financing of special concerts and other activities, as decided by the Management Board and supported by the Board of Trustees.

The foundation has been recognized as a charitable non-profit organization by the Darmstadt Tax Office since August 2007 (tax number 07 250 47 113) and has been registered in the Foundation Register of the Darmstadt Regional Council under file number I 13-25d 04/11- (11)-130 since 26 July 2007. The foundation’s capital is managed by two banks.


Friedgard Wetzel
Tel: +49 (0) 173 39 96 56 3

Management board

Günter Teufel (Chairman)
Heide Knoke
Wolfgang Seeliger
Christoph Wackerbarth

Board of Trustees

Prof. Joachim-Felix Leonhard
Prof. Arnulf Rosenstock
Friedgard Wetzel
Karin Wolff (Former Minister of State)

In Memoriam: Dr. Jürgen Maasberg († 19.10.2016)