Press reviews

The Konzertchor Darmstadt in the Media

„This is where the nearly forty singers score highly, when they seem to switch effortlessly between dynamic high points and tender pianissimo and convey the finest mood changes with clear articulation and convincing tonality.“

Heinz Linduschka (about the Weihnachtskonzert in Amorbach) Main-Echo, 26.12.2018

„The homogenous concert choir performs […] cleverly, effortlessly wandering through all the breakneck heights and intricate rhythms of the score and shining with vibrant four-part male choir passages.“

Stefanie Steinert (about Antonín Dvorák Requiem), Darmstädter Echo, 03.04.2018

„Wolfgang Seeliger succeeds in[…] imparting depth to the work.“

Stefanie Steinert (about Hector Berlioz‘ Te Deum), Darmstädter Echo, 03.03.2015

„It was a concert like an enthusiastic football match[…] under the masterly and energetic direction of Wolfgang Seeliger[…]“

Heinz Linduschka (about the Christmas concert in Amorbach), Main Echo, 23.12.2014

„[…] a committed concert choir that continues to delight with new discoveries.“

Gerhard Rohde, FAZ, 11.03.2014

„The choir offers professional-level quality, technique and expression[…] in their phrasing and articulation.“

(about the Christmas concert in Darmstadt), Darmstädter Echo, 28.12.2012

„Seeliger directed the combined choirs confidently and expressively.“

Susanne Döring (about Hector Berlioz‘ Grande Messe des Morts), Darmstädter Echo, 27.11.2012